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About OTR Blackstone – Company Information

Worldwide Giant Tire Distributor

OTR Blackstone was founded by Gilles Tournay in 2000. In his 40-year career in the tire industry, Gilles built a worldwide network of contacts to support his new venture.

Today, Blackstone has connections with all of the major giant tire brands and through our manufacturing division, TMI Group International, we have developed our own OTR tire line. These high-quality TMI tires were developed to fill a gap in the mining industry where tires are always needed and not nearly accessible enough. We also offer an additional after-sales support and technical service with qualifying orders.

Our casing resale has satisfied recappers for over a decade, ensuring the extended lifetime of used-tires.

OTR Blackstone is located in Canada but has developed clientele in every continent across the globe. We make sure that everyone gets the tires that will suit them best and provide equal service and attention, no matter how big or small the order.

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