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About The Blackstone Team

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  • tmi_gilles_t
    Gilles Tournay CEO

    Not many people today can say that they spent over 40 years in the same industry that they started their careers in. Believe it or not, this is the case for Gilles Tournay, CEO and Founder of TMI Group International. At the ripe age of job at Michelin Canada where he was soon promoted to Inside Sales Manager, which encouraged him to pursue a career in the tire industry. He decided to open his own tire dealership, Pneus du Parc, in Laval at 28 years old. Gilles attributes his success today to his perseverance and self-motivation as well as strong capabilities in administration and sales. He knows that he is able to close a sale that no one else can. Although the business environment has greatly changed throughout the years, Gilles has eagerly kept up with today’s fast-paced technology, helping him grow his business while keeping in touch regularly with his international colleagues. He also believes that it is important to put himself in other people’s shoes before taking action. Outside of work, Gilles can be found at his home in the country, enjoying his natural surroundings, long walks and fishing.

  • tmi_mario
    Mario CabanaSales coordinator

    Mario has over 35 years of experience as an electronics and computer technician. He began his career at a young age and never looked back, gaining skills from the industrial industry to commercial and residential work before finally settling in the OTR tire industry at TMI. A self-proclaimed workaholic, work isn’t just work for Mario, it’s a passion. He taught himself everything he needed to know about his jobs after his first boss encouraged him to pursue a career in the field. This clearly reveals his immense capacity to succeed at professional challenges! Until today, he is always learning and continues to find his work challenging. Mario prides himself on his accomplishments and would love to leave behind one of his projects for someone to find in 100 years. What makes his job at TMI a winning combination along with the work itself is the team that he spends his days with. Outside of the office, Mario spends his free time working in amateur radio, which piqued his interest over 20 years ago.

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